7 Creative Ways to Use Your Wedding Wax Seal

I’m so excited to share this roundup on creative ways to use your wedding wax seal in collaboration with Uniqooo, a wax seal and wax stamp specialty company. I use Uniqooo products often for my wedding and design clients. The variety of wax shades and elegant stamp designs are the best in the industry. All opinions are my own.


how to use wax seals on your wedding

Wax Seal Stamps can provide unique, creative, and personalized touches to different elements of your wedding.  Now, I am sure that many of you might think of wax seals being from a different era, and this is true, but they are making a hard and fast comeback in the weddings of today.  

If you are anything like me, a stationery addict, after reading this article you will not want to reserve using your wax seal stamps for just your Big Day. Even though this article is focused on using them just at your wedding, I hope it inspires you to use wax seals for other special occasions throughout the year and to have a variety of seals to choose from so you can make any occasion a unique and personalized one.

Trust me the beautiful wax seal stamp will make a stand-out impression on your wedding day and will leave your guests amazed and speechless!


If you don’t already have your wax seal, here’s what you’ll need:

PSST! Not sure exactly how to use your wax seal? Hop over to this post on “How to Use Wax Seals” and I’ll walk you through the different ways to make wax seals. Easy Peasy!

 how to use wax seals on your wedding

1. Invitations and Envelopes

Your wedding invitations sets the tone for your big day and are usually the first form of communication you have with guests; adding a wax seal is a simple way to add excitement, elegance, and a special touch to your wedding invitations and envelopes. They add a beautiful, vintage effect to the announcements that are sent to your dearest friends and loved ones.   

 how to use wax seals on your wedding

2.  Place cards and Seating Charts

Incorporating your wax seal into guest seating charts or guest placement cards is a simple and easy way to add customization and personalization to your reception. You can choose your own symbols or initials for the seal design and select the color of the wax that complements your color scheme.  If you used the seal on your invitations, your guests will recognize it and will leave everyone wondering where else they will find the seal at the reception. Guests feel so special seeing their names in beautiful, elegant calligraphy, knowing that you, the bride, took the time to write out their name on a seating chart with carefully stamped wax seal next to it.


For color reference: Champagne Rose (above Calvin), Antique Gold (above Anne), Champagne Gold (above Tiffany) and White (above Daphne) - which one’s your favorite??

 how to use wax seals on your wedding

3. Wedding Favors

Allow your wax seal make even a simple party favor look gorgeous. Take these little tin candles for instance. They are beautiful on their on but they are pretty simple. I added dried flowers and sealed them with the botanical stamp and white wax. Now these favors are even more personalized and I am loving every angle of them!

 how to use wax seals on your wedding

4. Menus

During the phases of wedding planning, we all have our “most important” list of things we want to be perfect. That list typically consisted of the following: the dress (because let’s be honest this is the dress you have been dreaming of since you were five), the venue to set the atmosphere, a killer DJ for entertainment and the best food that your guests talk about for years to come. 

Since you spent so much time taste testing food and cake, why not highlight your menu? Give your menus a chic and stunning look by adding your seal to the tops of the menus. Just be sure to have your stationer lower the wording so the design fits with the seal. 

 how to use wax seals on your wedding

5. Gift Tags/Bridges Maid Gift Wrap

Your bridal party is your Bride-Tribe, you have chosen them to stand beside you as you say your vows to the man you are going to spend the rest of your life with. Bridesmaid gifts are more than just another to-do on your wedding checklist: they are the thank you for supporting me and accepting my future husband, thank you for being here for me when I went completely bridezilla over how much there was to do, thank you for helping me make the million and one choices I’ve had to make this last year, thank you for laughing with me and hugging me through the tears over the years, thank you for being you! Have all these bridal party gifts packaged together with your special wax seal for your bridesmaids. 

 how to use wax seals on your wedding

6. Vow Books

Your wedding day will be full of emotions; from catching up with family members that live too far away to visit frequently, your mom helping you put on your jewelry and your dad getting to see daddy’s little girl dressed in all white, and sharing your wedding vows with your husband. A wedding vow book is the perfect lifelong keepsake to hold the heart felt words of love and commitment you and your spouse shared with each other at your ceremony. 

 how to use wax seals on your wedding

7. Thank You Cards

This is the final impression with all of your guests, just like receiving an invitation in the mail, getting a thank you is a personal way of reaching out to each guest who participated in your wedding celebration. Be sure to add a personal touch to each letter, this will let the reader know that it’s not a generic, preprinted card that you didn’t put any thought into.  You could even add a photo of you and the receiver that your photographer took that night into the card as a special memory.  When sealing the card add your wedding wax seal for that final touch, truly bringing every element of your wedding together.


Final thoughts: Wedding planning is a crazy experience!  Some of the things being not so fun - long to-do lists, trying to be in ten different places at once, making a million decisions all at the same time, and making sure every detail is perfect. But, there are also the really great moments too - saying “yes” to the dress, doing cake tastings, bachelorette parties, and picking out wedding rings.  Don’t let the idea of adding a personal touches to your wedding stress you out or make you feel overwhelmed.  Wedding wax seals are fun to design as a couple, easy way to personalize the elements of your wedding seamlessly. into different aspects of your wedding and create a seamless look throughout your wedding.


Tiffany Anne Harris