Sport Theme Ball Paper Lantern Set

UNIQOOO Arts & Crafts

$ 16.98

Add the finishing touches to your sporty event with our assorted soccer ball lantern set! Create the perfect ambience with our lanterns that comes in different sizes and colors!

Package includes: 18 Pieces

3 x 12-inch Soccer Ball Lanterns

3 x 12-inch White Lanterns

3 x 10-inch Dark Green Lanterns

3 x 8-inch Yellow Lantern

3 x 8-inch Black Lantern

1 x 6-inch White Honeycomb Lantern

1 x 6-inch Yellow Honeycomb Lantern

1 x 6-inch Green Honeycomb Lantern


Our lanterns are easy for everyone to use! Simply pop them open and insert the frame. When finished, remove the frame and store them away until the next big event.


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