"You Got This" - Wax Seal Stamp Designed with Shelly Kim


$ 15.00

  • Featuring handwritten calligraphy and the beautiful illustration of Shelly Kim, this delicate stamp "You Got This" will add a vintage yet modern touch to your invitations or gift wrapping.
  • Made of high quality rosewood handle and polished brass stamp. It creates intricate details and leaves a clean and beautiful imprint.
  • 1 inch solid brass die.
  • Perfect for Invitations, snail mails, wine packaging, gift wrapping or any paper project.

Meet Designer Shelly Kim - Shelly is a self-taught Modern Brush Calligrapher and Founder of LetterbyShells based in the SoCal area. Her motto in life is to motivate and uplift one another. #LettersbyShells


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