Mix 8 Colors Sealing Wax Sticks, 8 Pack


$ 16.00

  • This is the 8 color sample pack we select from our most popular wax colors for wedding, party and business events! 
  • Colors are - Sakura Pink / Snow White / Antique Gold / Champagne Gold / Rusty Gold / Vegas Gold / Botanical Green and Silver - If you are not sure which color to choose for your upcoming event, buy this pack to try out first!
  • EASY TO APPLY - Easily use together with a low-temp large standard 0.44" glue gun. Not designed for mini glue guns! If you plan to seal dozens of envelops, this is the most efficient method. (Glue gun sold separately.) Or if you don't have a glue gun in hand, you can easily chop a small piece off and melt with a metal spoon!
  • Pack of 8 sticks. Each stick can approx. make 12-15 seals depending on your stamp size. One pack to make 100- 120 seals.
  • Ideal for decorating envelopes, post cards, invitations, wine bottle or gift box. Perfect for wedding, birthday party, or any events.
  • TIPS: To avoid the metal part got too hot and stuck to the wax, you may put the stamp on an ice pack in between every 4-5 impressions. 

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