Unleash your creativity!

At UNIQOOO, we believe that creativity lies within all of us. We stock a wide range of stationery and craft items to help you unleash your creativity.

You’ll find wax products to satisfy all your wax sealing needs. Whether you are a hobbyist, small business or occasional DIY enthusiast, use our wax products to add a unique touch to special event invitations, envelopes, packaging and more! We have stamps to suit all occasions, including weddings, Halloween, Christmas,Valentine's Day, birthday and many others. We can also help you to create your own custom wax stamp. Contact us for more information.

Speaking of weddings and special events, we also have a range of paper and acrylic place cards that make excellent name tags, table numbers or mini food menu boards. Shop them here. [https://www.uniqooo.com/collections/uniqooo-vintage-sealing-stamps-accessories]

You’ll also find elegant desk items to modernize your workspace, because we believe that beautiful workspaces inspire us and make us more productive. Shop them here. [https://www.uniqooo.com/collections/desk-stationery]

If you’re browsing for a gift, look no further than our sealing wax stamp kits. We’re sure that you’ll find something for the stamp-lover in your life. Shop them here. [https://www.uniqooo.com/collections/uniqooo-sealing-wax-and-stamp-combination].

We are based in San Francisco but offer worldwide shipping!

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