How To Make a Good Wax Seal (Troubleshoot)

How To Make a Good Wax Seal (Troubleshoot)

Making wax seals is fun or it can be a total a mess if you don't know the trick! Over the years, as we use more wax seals (because of the work) we are more convinced that everyone can become a wax seal master with only a couple of practices.

So what is the trick to create a clean and crisp wax seal? It is as simple as:

  • Practice
  • Low temperature
  • Keep your stamp on ice between uses
  • Be patient

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No one is born as an expert. Our suggestion is to practice making the seals on the tinfoil until you are confident to pour the wax to the envelope or gift. Why? Because once the wax is cooled you can peel them off easily. If they are not as good as you wish, it can be melt again in the spoon. If they are perfect, you can place a small dot of wax and place them on the envelopes. Much less stress, yes it’s another step but if you mess up on the envelope it’s ruined. Silicone baking sheet, wax paper or marble tile is also workable if you don't have tinfoil.


  1. Choose your wax color and quantity. Use spoon or glue gun depend on the wax type you choose.
  2. Melt the wax and pour over where you want to add the seal.
  3. Place the seal in the center of the wax.
  4. Once wax has cooled, carefully remove the wax seal and you’re done!

      how to use glue gun wax seal sealing wax


      Low Temperature
      Controlling temperature is really the only trick in wax sealing! If the wax is too hot and boiling, you will see bubbles, a darker tone, and the is wax is much harder to create a pretty round shape.

      • Low Temperature Glue Gun - If you use glue gun for dozens of wax seals, you will need to use a low tem glue gun. What if my glue gun is a high tem one? No prob! You can fix it too. Heat up the glue gun, insert the wax sticks and then unplug it and let it cool. Once you see the wax becomes thicker (rather than running liquid), you can work from there!
      • Melt the wax in a spoon? - Same theory! Heat up the spoon and let it cool until the wax becomes thick.

      how to use wax seal

      See a difference?

      Keep Your Stamp on Ice

      Keep your stamp on Ice between uses and be patient. Let the stamp cool back off so you can get crisp lines each time!


      More Q & A

      1. How to clean the stamp if the wax is jammed in the engraved lines?

      Make another impression and wait it's cooled. The new wax will be able to take off the old one together!

      2. How to clean the spoon?

      Heat up the spoon. When the residue becomes running, remove it with towel paper. Easy! Make sure you fold enough towel to avoid fingers burnt.

      3. Can the wax seals get through mailing and remain intact?

      Yes, they can! We have tested through mail internationally. It works and you won't be charged extra postage.


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      Practice makes perfect! Hope above tips are helpful!

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